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August 26, 2011

Cindy Penchina, President
juggler 239x300 resized 600It's clear that small business owners have gotten the message that the old outbound marketing channels are not the only method of marketing your business. Small businesses are diving into email marketing, social media and SEO. With all the online channels out there, many are scrambling to figure out how to manage their inbound marketing efforts. There are email campaigns, social media, blogging, SEO. All of these new channels have produced a new problem. It's a juggling act.

You might be using one service for your email campaigns, another service for your blog, a third service to monitor your web activity and yet another to manage your site content and so on. Worse, you might not even be monitoring your web activity at all! Logging in and out of one interface and going to another is just tedious, time consuming and makes seeing the big picture way too difficult.

 Now, imagine logging into one console and seeing what your site visitors are doing all in one place. It's so much easier to connect the dots and make decisions about how best to move forward.

Hudson Fusion is now offering just this kind of service to our clients. It's giving our clients an "edge" over their competition, because knowing what works and what doesn't work helps you save time and money and market more effectively.

Here's just a few of the advantages of our All-In-One Business Website Solution:

    • Manage your web site content easily

    • See activity on your site at a glance

    • Collect user contact information

    • Create and distribute your email campaigns

    • Manage your blog and discussion forums

If you'd like a demo of this powerful new tool, contact me. I'm happy to show you how we can help you connect the dots.