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December 9, 2011

Cindy Penchina, President
A lot of companies resist blogging because they’re not sure if the time spent would be worthwhile. Actually most any business can benefit from creating and maintaining a blog, as long as it’s done correctly and with certain ends in mind. Here are five immediate benefits.

1. Blogs that are keyword-rich drive traffic to your connected website. Search engines scan blogs just like they scan websites. When you’ve strategically placed key words and phrases related to your products and services in your blog content, your blog becomes “visible.”

2. Blogs can impart information to your customer base. With interesting blog entries on topics related to various elements of your business, customers have yet another way to connect with you and learn about how you can serve them.

3. Blogs attract new contacts and expand your network. Between search engine traffic and traffic gained by placing your blog in appropriate places across the Internet, you reach lots of new people who are perfect contacts within your market scope.

4. Blogs legitimatize your organization. Blogs today are like websites were 10 years ago – if you have one, you’re seen as a serious player with plenty to say through an accepted communications media.

5. Blogs allow for great feedback and ideas from your readers. Blogs that are set up to receive comments from readers provide you with priceless feedback on the topics and ideas you’re putting out there that relate to your company’s products, services and system.

Hudson Fusion can get you started quickly with your own blog. We can set up your account, work out a plan of action and even assist with content and topics for blog entries. It’s easier than you think, and the payoff can be extreme.