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5 Reasons to Invest in Content Marketing

Content marketing means change, and when it comes to modifiying business practices aversion to change  is understandable. However, when you see statistics on the effectiveness 

of content marketing (for example, companies that blog see 67% more leads than companies that don't), it's hard to argue against implementing a new content marketing strategy. If this statistic in itself isn't enough incentive, check out these reasons why your company should invest in content marketing.

1. It's cheaper.

Content marketing is an integral part of a solid inbound marketing strategy. The technique also includes SEO and social media tactics. This marketing strategy costs 61% less than traditional outbound marketing and generates 3 times more leads per dollar. Many companies have started investing up to 33% of their budget on content marketing and it isn't difficult to see why.

2. It makes your company a trusted source of information.

By offering content on your website that is meant to help potential customers, you are turning your company into a reliable source of helpful information. The point of content marketing isn't to make a couple of quick sales--it is to build a large audience full of potential customers by becoming a credible and helpful resource.

3. It connects with more people for a longer time span.

What is one thing that salesmen can't do? Talk to multiple people all over the world at once. What is another thing that salesmen can't do? Reach multiple people at any time of the day or night. The internet is accessible by anyone at anytime of day, meaning that anyone can see your message and find your company even while you're sleeping.

4. It helps people to find your company more easily.

Content marketing is perfect for improving your search engine rankings. If you're answering the questions people are asking on search engines, your content will be more likely to get found. The keywords that you want to get ranked for should naturally occur in the content you're writing about. Your potential customers are already doing their product research online. You're just making your company more likely to be seen when they are looking.

5. It gives you long-term results for short-term projects.

Each blog post  you write will add to your archive over time. The more posts that you have, the more information you have to offer to your audience, and the more credible your company will appear to be. A blog post doesn't have to take a huge chunk of time to work on and you can hire someone to help out. But once your blog post is published, readers will be able to go back to it however often they like. They may also share your blog posts with their friends, who will share them with their friends. Not only will this help your website's traffic long-term, but it also means that your readers and customers are doing your marketing work for you.

Content marketing costs less, generates more leads, and requires less work than traditional advertising and outbound marketing methods. .

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