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We’re excited to announce that Hudson Fusion is officially a 5-star marketing agency (not that we didn’t know that already—but now it’s legit).

Our clients have spoken, giving comprehensive, unbiased reviews on Clutch, a major B2B ratings and review firm. We’re also featured on Clutch’s sister website, The Manifest, on the following lists:

Top 15 Web Designers in New York 2018

Top 20 Social Media Marketing Companies in New York 2018

Top 20+ SEO Service Providers in New York for July 2018

Trust us—the numbers don’t lie. Clutch conducted exhaustive interviews with each client, evaluating testimonials, checking numbers, and reviewing our client work to come up with their ratings. 

So, how’d we earn the official title of 5-Star Marketing Agency? Don’t take it from us—hear it from our current clients:


We’d like to thank our clients for their incredibly kind words. The entire Hudson Fusion team is dedicated to designing creative, deliberate marketing strategies for every client, and we don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

Interested in working with the best of the best? Let’s talk. 

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