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6 Ugly Web Design Trends that Refuse to DieFlash banners everywhere, a myriad of colors, and web pages that are shorter than the hairs on the back of your neck. These were the key features of websites at the turn of the century, with a special emphasis on “were” and “turn of the century.” That time has come and gone, muchacho, but way too many websites are perpetuating hideous and outdated design paradigms to their own detriment. Here are a few web design trends that refuse to die in this era of smartphones and tablets.

Flashing Banners

They were cute at the turn of the century because they showed users the creativity of the designer. These days, however, flashing banners are ineffective and simply annoying. Not only do they cause the site to load a lot slower, but they also do not properly convey the message that the site owner is trying to get across. A banner that reads, “Click Here!” will probably persuade visitors to press backspace and find another website that looks more professional.

2. Small Text

Fine print works with contracts but not with websites. Visitors like to comfortably read content on a site without having to first reach for their glasses. In fact, mobile users typically turn away from sites with small text because they can't read the content even with a magnifying glass in hand.

3. Pop-ups

It is hard to believe that in this day and age of immense intelligence, pop-ups are still a part of web design. This form of advertising is completely annoying and ineffective. Many users don't give pop-ups time to load without dismissing them, and millions use pop-up blockers to enjoy the Internet without interruption.

4. Flash Introductions

If your website was good enough to capture the attention of your visitors, then they probably don’t need a long and drawn-out introduction. You should stick to presenting your products and service offerings in a direct tone, and invest little effort into creating a flashy introduction that few will watch.

5. Auto-play Ads

Whoever said that video footage starting on its own is a great ideawas lying. Auto-play videos are irritating and everyone hates them, and most people mute or stop them because nobody came to see that.  In addition, mobile users cannot even see the information being presented by way of auto-play the majority of the time. Now, how ineffective is that?

These are the web equivalents of powder blue leisure suits and JNCOs. Rock these styles, and the only way you’ll look is ridiculous. You need a great website, not one that’s driving away your prospects.

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