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December 9, 2011

Cindy Penchina, President
Owners of successful retail stores don’t just turn the CLOSED sign around to OPEN each day and hope for the best. They put up signs, have sales, position merchandise and communicate with customers. Running an eCommerce store on the web is no different. Here are six ways to increase sales by making your operation more active.

1. Send reminders: If your product has a “shelf life,” track customers’ buy-dates and contact them when it’s time to re-order. A simple reminder is often all it takes.

2. Send promotions: These should be specials that are available only online. Possibilities could include a discount code to receive a great deal, or free shipping through the end of the month. The point is to keep customers ACTIVE and happy doing business with you.

3. Announce new items: Depending on the scope of your operation, you could send out a general e-mail blast. If you have a huge line of products, contact just those customers who your new items would appeal to, based on their buying history.

4. Sales: Always announce price cuts on any products or services you handle. Determine an end-date for the sale, and word your announcement to show customers the benefits of ordering NOW.

5. Birthdays: Add a function on your order form that asks for the customer’s date of birth (make it optional, not required). When their birthday rolls around, send a Happy Birthday message along with a discount coupon or even a free gift.

6. Customized account page: If your e-customers have their own account page, give them a few ways to customize it and make it feel like their own. Something as simple as color or template choices will let them take “ownership” of their place in your store.

We can show you how to coordinate and automate all of these powerful functions. This way, you can easily stay on top of multiple sales processes and keep your 24-hour-a-day business rolling in the right direction.