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Content Marketing Ideas

Have you ever had writer’s block when trying to sit down and compose a new blog post for your website? Dont think that stone wall is a fact of blogging life; here are some tips to help you tap into your tank of ideas for content marketing:


describe the imageVisit forums related to your general subject matter. Many times, you will find that someone needs an answer that you can provide – answer their question and then write a blog post elaborating on it. Or better yet, blog first and send them a link to your blog post for an answer

describe the imageSet up a Google Alert for your keywords, and read the news that gets sent to you. This underused method is a rich source of information and ideas

describe the imageSend out a survey to your clients to ask about their frequent challenges; then, write a post with some helpful advice

describe the imageGather a group of the top bloggers in your niche, the real gurus of the field, and check out their popular posts. Do some research and see if you can add something useful and unique to what they’ve written. Don't forget to scan their list of comments, and see if you can find important unanswered questions; take the opportunity to blog these answers, and any other that you think of

describe the imageUse your web analytics program to see the most popular keywords being used to access your pages. Start tailoring your new posts to these specific keywords

describe the imageVisit social media and business websites in your market like Facebook and LinkedIn and scan unanswered questions. These will keep your content marketing plan going indefinitely

describe the imageOur last tip is to read. Read other blogs in your niche and in related topics; you’ll be surprised how many ideas come flooding in. Jot them down as you read so you don't forget what they were!