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FacebookOne of the most confusing differences for businesses developing a Facebook presence is that your business should have a PAGE and not a profile. Profiles are for personal use, Pages are for businesses, organizations or any commercial use. You can set up a PAGE with your personal account, but after you log in with your personal account you should go to ACCOUNTS -> USE FACEBOOK AS PAGE to manage your page as your business.

While pages and profiles may look similar, there are some big differences between the two. In addition, Facebook has made some recent changes to how a Page works.  Here are 8 facts that often are missed by new Facebook business users.

    1. You can have more than one administrator of your page.  When using Facebook as your page, click on EDIT PAGE and choose MANAGE ADMINS on the left navigation menu. Other administrators will log in with their own personal login, not yours.

    1. You can choose not to display specific photos from the photo strip on your wall, but you cannot select which will show up there. Photos are randomly selected from any photos you've uploaded.

    1. People "LIKE" a  page, but "ADD AS FRIEND" for personal profiles. We still refer to those how "like" your page as "fans."

    1. Your business can "like" other pages, but not individual people's profiles.

    1. You can choose which pages that you "like" to feature on your home page.

    1. You can view statistics about your users and your posts from the INSIGHTS tab.

    1. You can send a message to those that "like"you by going to the MARKETING page and selecting SEND AN UPDATE.

    1. Once you have 25 people who "like"your page, you can get a personalized URL. Go to the Marketing page and choose CREATE ALIAS.