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December 9, 2011

Cindy Penchina, President
As more and more websites (like hundreds of millions) keep appearing every time we turn around, companies engaged in online marketing are more concerned with differentiation than ever before. Fortunately, there are many ways to set yourself apart on your website. An easy and effective way is with photographs of your staff.

Even though your customers and prospects probably don’t know you personally, they’ll feel like they do when they see your picture. Of course they already know there are real people behind your business, but when they can “see” you, it becomes personal. And that strengthens the seller/buyer relationship.

A company with 75 employees obviously doesn’t need to post photos of each person. But nice shots of the company leaders are always appropriate. If you have a Bios or an About Us page on your site, those are good places to put the pictures. If you’re a one- or two-person shop, consider placing your photos on the Home page as a nice welcome.

In acquiring photos, hire a qualified photographer. Resist the urge to use the standard “school-picture headshots” you might have lying around. Your web designer will then take these quality photos and creatively enhance your company’s image and the overall attractiveness of your website and message.

There’s a saying that goes “People like doing business with people they like.” We can modify that for the digital world to read, “People like doing business with people they can at least see.” Posting photos of you and your staff can really bring your website – and your business – to “living” life.