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Are you attracting the wrong prospectsAre you close to giving up on your SEO efforts because you're spending too much time speaking to the "wrong" type of prospect?

Is your business website struggling to attract the sort of visitors that will boost your sales? If your answer is “yes” then here are some tips that may help.

The problem may not be your search engine strategy. The problem may be your website and the type of message that it is sending. Look at it closely and you might find that if you make changes to the design and the messaging that it sends to new visitors, it could make a world of difference as to who calls you.

Remember, a great looking website may achieve your goal of delivering and shaping a very strong brand; it will not, however, be good enough to attract the right prospects by design alone.

One tactic to improving your conversion rate is to test different elements of your site. Test the layout, copy, and the design and look at the limitless number of changes through different combinations that could improve the visitor-to-sale conversions for qualified buyers. 

Give top priority to the following:

  • Test your copy, which includes the headlines, service descriptions, benefits, and the calls to action.

  • Test your design. Try different landing pages with unique overall design to see which drives more qualified phone calls.

  • Use unique phone numbers on these pages in order to track or use unique promotion codes

  • Test your Calls to Action (CTA). Is one more effective than another?

As you continue to hone your website, you should start to attract the correct visitors and your conversion rate will consistently increase.

No matter what changes you make to your site, keep in mind these basic "best practices" for a good user experience:

  • Make sure that your website states its purpose up front and clearly.

  • Give visitors the ability to search for what they are looking for.

  • Use enough photos and the correct ones to attract the visitor’s attention.

  • Add fresh quality content to your site regularly.

  • Give offers that are valuable to the visitor.

  • Capture data through opt ins for lead nurturing.

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