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December 9, 2011

Cindy Penchina, President
Choosing a firm to develop and handle your website is a critical undertaking. Here are some questions to answer before you sign on the dotted line.

1. What, specifically, do I want my website to accomplish? After you’ve answered that question, here are a few more important ones: What are you selling? What action do you want your readers to take? What are you going to tell them? How many pages are necessary? Do you need eCommerce capability? Flash? Strong search engine optimization? A blog?

An experienced web designer will listen to what you want out of your website and then help you determine which technologies will allow your organization to best reach its goals.

2. Is the designer I’m considering experienced in the applications I will need? Believe it or not, just because somebody calls himself a “web designer” doesn’t mean he has a wide range of skills. Talk with your prospective designer and make sure he can do everything you need to have done. A designer who is inflexible probably has a limited skill set.

3. Are service/maintenance plans offered? If so, what kind? Know in advance the level of support a web design firm will provide. Know the cost, and know how quickly the firm’s staff can make changes, updates and application additions. Not every designer works at the same speed.

4. What kind of products has the web designer created? Take a look at the designer’s portfolio. Click on the website thumbnails and actually navigate through the websites, just as if you were a regular reader. Look for quality of layout, color schemes, ease of navigation, readability of fonts, page-loading speed and overall presentation.

5. How will this firm communicate with me? No website is static, and that means there will always be a need to discuss changes and upgrades with your web designer. Is this person easy to talk to? Does she seem to care about your project and your business? Is she even available? Is she excited about her work? You want to partner with people you can relate to and trust.

Hiring a web designer is a lot like hiring any other professional to do an important job. Hudson Fusion encourages you to do your homework and choose a firm that knows its business and always has the best interests for your business in mind.