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pencilBlogging is an important part of your overall marketing in that it boosts your SEO ranking, establishing you as an expert in your field and helps to attract new prospects. But, while blogging regularly is important, even the most seasoned bloggers are sometimes at a loss for the next idea or topic to blog about.  Here are some helpful tips to help you generate those blog ideas when you’re suffering from “bloggers block.”

Customers & Prospects.  A great place to look for ideas is toward your customers and prospects.  What questions are you hearing regularly?  What issues and problems are they facing?  Your business is all about solving their problems so why not write about solutions and  answer their questions.  Remember not to make your blog post a  sales pitch.  Your readers will make the connection that you are the “go to guy” to solve their problems.  Another source of ideas is to review the comments to your blog posts and write article blog post in response.  Your customer’s blogs are a great place to find ideas.  It’s OK to post a helpful comment to someone’s blog and then elaborate on it for your own blog post. 

Your Industry.  Look towards your industry to see what the hot topics and trends are now. Then write a review of new products and services.  Subscribing to influential blogs helps you to keep informed and get ideas.  Set up Google Alerts for some of your industry’s key terms.

Social Media.  Monitor Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to follow the questions being asked and the answers as well.  Join a group or two on LinkedIn that represent your targeted customer and get a sense of the  topics being discussed.  It’s all fuel to get your creative blog juices flowing with ideas that are of interest to your prospects.

With all these sources of ideas, you will need a way to keep track of them.  Create a master list of ideas and topics.  You will find ideas popping into your head at all hours of the day.  Make a note of them right away and add them to your master list.

Keep in mind that successful blogging is all about providing the information that your prospects need and want.   With that in mind, happy blogging!