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December 9, 2011

Cindy Penchina, President
A common reason some companies avoid blogging is because they’re not sure they can maintain a steady stream of interesting posts.  Here are five tips that will help you generate a long list of content ideas.

    1. While you need relevant, interesting content on your blog, you don’t have to think like an author who just got a $500,000 book deal from Random House to write a full-blown treatment of your subject.  Keep it simple and keep it basic. 

    1. From a tactical standpoint, a main purpose of your blog is to create a network and generate new prospects and customers.  That means making connections and developing interest in your product or service.  You write posts to attract people, not to position yourself as a prolific authority on anything.

    1. Ideas are everywhere.  Take some time to make a list of words that relate to your business.  A baker, for example, might write: oven, batter, mixers, decorating, training, low-sugar, low-fat, presentation, sanitation, refrigeration, cakes, pies, pastry, etc.

    1.  For every word on your list, there are several if not many relevant topics you could write about to keep your blog expanding for a long time.  These topics will not only be interesting to readers who are attracted to your field but they’ll also be key-word rich, which means your blog will be relevant to search engines.

    1.  Along with writing from your list of topic words, think about what you can teach.  You can blog about various aspects of using your products or some technical aspects of the service you perform.  You know your business better than anybody, so make another list with instructional/educational ideas.

 Remember: keep it simple, think connection, find the numerous topics that already exist in your business, and give people the benefit of your expertise by sharing how-to tips.  If you’re struggling with the actual writing of your posts, Hudson Fusion can help, but coming up with ideas should be a lot easier now.