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toiletpaperIn my role as owner of Hudson Fusion I speak to a lot of business owners. Each day I have calls with leads and prospects about their web sites and about marketing their businesses online. While each and every call is unique and interesting to me, there is one thing I hear from time to time that just makes me cringe. 

I'm sharing it here, not so much to get it off my chest, but because I think it leads to a constructive dialogue that can be helpful to business owners like you and me.

Now, if you've uttered the words below please don't be offended. I'm not judging. I understand where its coming from. I've said these same words about string theory and cooking.

"I'm too old to understand all this computer, web site, online marketing and social media (or fill in the blank with your own words) stuff."

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First of all, computers and the internet didn't arrive on the scene yesterday. And you don't have to be an expert in online marketing no matter how old you are. That's why you hire agencies like mine. But, if you own and run a business, and you can't afford to hide behind your age when it comes to moving it forward and growing.

Now, if someone told me that to market my business effectively I had to run a marathon or ride the merry go round without getting dizzy, then ok, I might say I'm too old for that. But saying you're too old to understand how this all works just means that either you're overwhelmed by all the info out there or you haven't taken the time to learn about it. 

But, I'll be forgiving here. At least you picked up the phone to call someone that you hope can help you understand it all. That's a good start. We all aren't going to become experts in every aspect of running a business. But, we should all know enough to make smart decisions about what help we might need.

Maybe I'm being too touchy about this. But to me, if you own a business, you should feel empowered, not helpless. I know that some people have "techophobia" and I also know that a lot of people in my industry like to sound "smart" by using scary techie words that sound complicated. I also know that it can be very intimidating to feel that you might be "out of the loop" in some areas. That's how I feel when I talk to people who understand the stock market inside and out or are really good at math. So, I hire accountants and bookkeepers and financial advisors that I trust to help me with the important aspects of my business and life. 

So, what's the takeway? 

From my perspective, it's this...and here comes some warm fuzzies...

As business owners, we're on this amazing journey that brings new opportunities for growth each and every day, both in our businesses and in our personal lives. If we can wake up in the morning and feel like each day is an opportunity for something new and wonderful to happen, then we're truly blessed. Each day brings with it the opportunity to learn something new, try something new, grow a little bit more and be a bit more successful. If you take this to heart, then your age is a bonus. More years means more opportunites and more growth. So, instead of feeling like you're at a disadvantage because you came to the technology era late, remind yourself that you come equipped with more internal resources than a "newbie" does.

And besides...I'm probably a heck of a lot older than most of the people telling me they're too old. 

I'd love to hear what you think. What's your business "pet peeve"? Post a comment below.




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