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clock resized 600The answer to this question depends on how you use your blog and what your inbound marketing goals are.

Let's talk Search Engine Marketing

We all know how important search engines are to marketing your business. Making your website attractive to the search engines is a top priority for getting found.

Think about how you search.  You enter your query and voilà – here are hundreds of results.  Naturally you look at the first few results.  And the other results… ignored!  So how do you move YOUR listing up in the rankings so you can stand out from the crowd and get noticed?

Its All About the Consumer

A blog can be a critical component in your search engine marketing strategy.  Search engines are consumer oriented. Google & Bing want the users to get search results for the most relevant sites for the consumer’s keyword search. If they don't return relevant results, users will soon be looking for the next, best search engine to visit.  A site with fresh content and rich in keywords tells the search engines that this site is not static and is relevant and so that site will rank higher. 

While improving your search engine rankings is a great reason to blog, you need remember that people are actually reading your posts.  Blogging creates an opportunity to establish yourself as an authority in your field.  When you are seen as the expert, who are prospects going to reach out to when they need help to solve their problems?  You, of course.

Getting Social

Blogging also attracts inbound and social links.  When people refer back to you, or refer others to you, your site gains points with the search engines. If other sites think you're good enough to share, then Google sees this as a vote of confidence.  Your site is seen as more authoritative, which boosts your rankings.  Now you’re moving closer and closer to the front of the line.

flickr 3022965984 hd resized 600What About YOUR needs?

The key to blogging is to always focus on the needs of your audience.  They’re thinking - “what’s in it for me,” - so always keep their viewpoint in mind.  Your blogs have to provide value to your prospects.  If it’s not there, they will bounce off your site and go to your competition.  Provide information your audience wants and they will stick to your site, explore more pages and learn more about how you can help them.  You’ll be rewarded with more social sharing and links.  The search engines will notice and this will boost your rankings. 

How About Some Tips?

So now that you understand why blogging is important, here are a few tips to create great blogs.

  • Don’t use your blog as a sales tool.  A blog is not the place to promote your products and services; blogs are not meant to be advertisements, catalogs or brochures.
  • Remember to keep your blog content fresh and relevant.  Let your creative mind take over.
  •  Use graphics to illustrate your points.  They give your reader’s eyes a break, which refreshes their focus. 
  • Be sure to include a few keywords in your copy, but make it sound natural.  Don’t stick them in where they are out of context. 
  • Maintain a regular and steady pace with your blog postings.  Blog at least once a week and try to work up to more frequency from there.

There you have it.  You’re in the know about blogging…so get to it!

Photo Credit: MacBook writing (Håkan Dahlström) / CC BY 2.0