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December 14, 2013

Cindy Penchina, President


Did you know that US Navy Rear Admiral Grace Murray Hopper is the woman credited with the development of COBOL (common business-oriented language)? 

Born on December 9, 1906 and working with computers since the 40s, she is credited with inspiring many women to become programmers.

Rear Admiral Hopper is also credited with coining the term “debugging the system” after a moth was removed from a relay in a research lab.

“Computer programming is quickly becoming an essential career skill.  Learning to code is a fantastic opportunity equalizer - if you're good at it, it can help you achieve your dreams.”

Cory Booker
Mayor, Newark, New Jersey 

Although Computer Science Education Week is coming to an end, its goal, to show K-12 students the importance of computer science education, is one that we can all support, year round. 

You can help promote code.org’s effort to bring coding into every classroom by signing their petition and you can do some rudimentary coding of your own by taking some of their online tutorials. 

You won’t learn enough code to create your own website, but that’s what we’re here to do!  My team at Hudson Fusion can help you assess your needs and determine how to move forward.

Here’s why this matters to me…

I opened my web design company in 1996, just two years after the Netscape browser was released. With no books or classes on web design yet available, I taught myself HTML and Web Design while pursuing a Master's degree in instructional technology. I honed my skills volunteering to develop web site for nonprofit organization and ultimately parlayed that into a full-time  business.  My excitement about the web and all the possibilities it offered for communication inspired me to make technology & marketing communications my career. Through my position as adjunct professor at Pace University, I continue to share this passion with my students, teaching them about web design.

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Truda Glatz via photopin cc