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February 12, 2013

Cindy Penchina, President

Hudson Fusion LogoYou may have noticed that our blog and web site look different than it did a couple of weeks ago. We're in the midst of a "soft launch" and plan to do a formal announcement in a few weeks. Awhile back, I shared with you that we were redoing our logo. Once the logo was finalized, we were free to work on our web site and other communication materials.

But, let's talk about how we arrived at the final logo design. 

We all agreed that we still loved our colors. So, a huge chunk of decision making was off the table. Color choices need to support the overall tone of your brand. Our blues and greens still work for us. The  water colors are calming and the sweeping views from our offices of the Hudson River are part of our identity.

The logo was a collaborative between the designer and our Creative Director. The "rings" that are formed by the "O's" in the words represent the support we offer our clients. Ongoing support and the ability to "hand hold" our clients to help them make smart decisions is one of the principles that we found differentiate us from our competitors. The interlocking rings also help to support the word "Fusion" in our name as the two rings come together.

The font choice is friendly, casual and open, but solid and firmly grounded. This too is a representation of the Hudson Fusion brand. 

We settled on a new tagline as well:

"Engaging Design and Web Intelligence"

We realized that the word "engaging" has a double meaning, but both worked for supporting our brand. "Engaging Design" could mean that the visual design we create draws people in. Or, "Engaging Design and Web Intelligence" could mean that we bring our design together with smart choices on the web. We strive to do both for the work we create. Again, the interlocking "O's" help to visually represent two elements "engaging" with each other.

We had quite a bit of discussion about the term "Web Intelligence." On the one hand, it could be interpreted as relating to data and statistics. But, we decided that it worked in the context of helping our clients navigate the choices online and ultimately use the web intelligently to market effectively and build their businesses.

With the logo finalized, it was time to start thinking about the web site. This was a huge underaking and you would think that since we do this all day, every day, for our clients, that it would be a "snap." It seems so much harder to design our own site than those of our clients. 

In a future blog, I'll share with you the results of some user testing we performed on the web site redesign before settling on a final design.