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December 9, 2011

Cindy Penchina, President
A newsletter is a powerful way for you to stay in touch with your customers and keep you on their minds. The problem for some companies and organizations is, they don’t think they have enough to say to warrant an “official” newsletter. But you’ve probably got more to tell than you realize.

Think of your newsletter as a single whole with several distinct parts. Normally there’s a “lead story” along with a varying number of smaller pieces. Most of the pieces should focus on some aspect of your operation, but you can also add things that are simply fun. Here are some common newsletter topics to consider.

Instruction: Share your expertise. Teach people something that relates to the use of your products or services.

Personal letter: A message from a principal in the company lends a nice touch. The message should be welcoming and at the same time influential.

What’s new?: If you’ve got new products or services, your newsletter is the perfect place to talk about them.

Tips: A bulleted or numbered list of how-to tips is easy to read and follow.

Deals: Include coupons and discounts with ordering codes that make the specials good only for newsletter readers.

Company/industry news: You probably have more newsworthy items than you realize – new staff, recent awards, new machinery or equipment, expansion or relocation. And finding general industry news is as simple as a few clicks.

Calendars: If your company is involved in the local community, let people know where you’re going to be and when. You could also include a general calendar of events for your area.

With a good master plan, you can create newsletters every month or every quarter that are informative, helpful AND good for future business. We can help you set up your newsletter and get you moving fast with a compelling design and strong, engaging content.