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December 9, 2011

Cindy Penchina, President
More and more, clients are asking about social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Most of the time, the questions are similar to “Should we have a Facebook page?” or “How can Twitter help our organization?” You may be wondering what these forums can do for you.

Actually, the question you should be asking is “What can they do for your customers?”.

Facebook and Twitter are wonderful tools in that they enable you to reach a wider audience, much more quickly than by simply building your own database of contacts. But, there is a huge difference between social media and email or direct mail marketing. Your followers on Facebook and Twitter are choosing to interact with you. They will continue to do so if you give them something to come back for.

If you sell a specific service or product, think about your customers and what they might like to talk about. For example, if you sell flavorings for food, rather than talk about your products, talk about baking and recipes. If you are a not for profit organization that serves the community, talk about issues surrounding your cause. If you own an art gallery, talk about events that you are hosting at the gallery and feature different artists’ biographies. If you sell pet supplies, promote causes that help pets or events for pet owners.

If you start to use your Facebook page or Twitter account as an advertising medium, you’ll quickly lose your followers. But, give them something interesting to read, and connect them with other people with similar interests and you may find that social media is definitely worth the time you invest in it.