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Recently, I was asked to be an expert at a roundtable event for the Associate of Development Officers Ask The Expert event in Bedford Hills, NY. The event was similar to a "speed dating" idea, where attendees would visit tables, each with an expert on a different topic, and have the opportunity to ask questions. 

The topic at our table was Social Media and we got a lot of questions! Liz Kaplan, the Online Marketing Manager here at Hudson Fusion and I were able to collect all the questions we were asked and write up the answers discussed.

Click here to download a PDF of all the questions and answers we gathered.

Questions include:

  • How do we use one Facebook page or one Twitter account to engage multiple audiences?
  • How can we manage our online presence with limited staff?
  • How do we get started with social media?
  • How often should be post?
  • How can we use crowdsourcing?
  • How can we use social media to get more donations?
We've also included some links to some great online resources. 
photo credit: Marcus Ramberg via photopin cc