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February 18, 2013

Cindy Penchina, President

My daughter in law recently reposted this quote on Facebook:

I've found this to be the perfect explanation for why I've been feeling like the days just slip by me without accomplishing even half of what is on my "to do" list. So, I made it my mission to stay completely focussed on my tasks and not let anything distract me.

But today, something happened that reminded me that sometimes, being flexible with your time, and not being so rigid pays off in ways other than productivity.

Unexpected encounters

Today I got a phone call from "Grandpa Mikey." He i began to tell me that he's building a web site and needs some help. He has the web site building part of it covered, but he needs help getting the word out about the site once it launches. I knew right away that Grandpa Mikey was not the kind of prospect I should be spending my time with. But  I was enjoying our conversation. He shared with me that he's 92 years old and he's been an author, songwriter, speaker, international columnist, interior designer, and I'm not even sure what else he's been up to....but I know there is more. He informed me that he's "coming by to visit" today, and instead of my usual qualifying or disqualifying questions, I decided to just say "ok." I"m still not really sure why. I just know that I'm glad I did.

So Mike drove the 1/2 mile to my office and showed me the site plans and some of his books. He bragged about his grandchildren (all very accomplished and beautiful) and shared with me that his wife, who is also 92 suffers from dimentia and is in a wheelchair, but when he plays his 33's or 45's for her, she remembers all the words (and by the way, he plans to have her star in his next Youtube video.)

Click here to view Grandpa Mikey's Video 

He showed me theYoutube video that his granddaughter did with him in the starring role (the link is above) and said it got "20,000 hits", although I think the site said something closer to 1,700...still impressive.  If you have 2 minutes to spare, have a look...he's truly adorable.

I hope I was able to give Granpa Mikey some helpful information and I'll meet with him again to give him some specific strategies to help drive traffic to his web site.

What is this Facelift thing?

So, you may be asking yourself why I'm glad I spent the hour or so with Grandpa Mikey. Here's just a few of the reasons:

  • I love that he calls Facebook "Facelift."
  • His attitude of "If I can imagine something, I can get it done" is truly inspiring.
  • When I asked if he was planning to sell anything on his site, he said he'd sell to the Pope if he could...but he heard the pope was retiring.
  • He says that even though his wife of 60 something years has dimentia, that he can "work with that."
  • He's proud of giving back through charitable donations and plans to continue doing so....in particular to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation because he trusts that his money will go straight to a particular cause.
  • He still wakes up in the middle of the night with  "great ideas" and then proceeds to make them happen.
  • His grandson wrote a beautiful little song many years ago...Grandpa Mikey sang it for me...and it really was beautiful
  • He's fit and spry and drives and walked up a flight of stairs at 92 like a 40 year old!
  • But most of all, he's just an all around nice person, with ambition and drive and dreams that don't quit and it just helped me feel generally optimistic. He just makes you feel good to be around him. His optimism and positivity is awe inspiring!
So, I may have not been able to cross a few extra items off my "to do" list today. But meeting Grandpa Mikey made me feel like the day was worthwhile. Sometimes veering from your plan has unexpected bonusses and meeting Grandpa Mikey is definately a bonus!