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December 9, 2011

Cindy Penchina, President
We live in a hit-crazy world these days. Everybody’s talking about how many hits their website gets, how their count is moving up. But what’s in a hit? Would a hit by any other name still sell as sweet? Okay, enough bad Shakespeare. Let’s look at some good facts.

A “hit” in digital marketing vernacular means somebody accessed your website. Is that a good thing? Might be, might not. What did that person (assuming it was a person) do while on your website? Did she click to other pages? Did she click on links? Did she buy anything? Did she stay for five seconds and then run away?

No digital marketing firm preaches the need for increasing hits through search engine optimization more strongly than Hudson Fusion. But we realize that getting a visitor to come to your website is not the same as getting that visitor to become a customer. Digital marketing is absolutely a two-sided proposition.

Yes, you want to use the latest search technology to increase your visitor count. But what good is a website that attracts 20,000 people a day but barely makes enough money to pay the rent? Too often people look only at the hits side and neglect the sales side.

And what sells? Content. Clear information. Exciting headlines, promises and testimonials. Flash that informs and doesn’t just entertain. Streamlined customer cultivation processes. And don’t forget differentiation. You gotta stand out!

Hudson Fusion designs websites with both hits and sales in mind. The two blend perfectly to create the ideal marketing environment for your business. Any other way wouldn’t make sense, so we wouldn’t do it.