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SPCA of Westchester

For over twenty years, Hudson Fusion has been on the cutting edge of digital marketing, designing award-winning websites for a wide variety of B2B and B2C clients. But it’s not the recognition and praise that keep us motivated – it’s knowing that we’re doing work that really matters.

And one of the greatest impacts we hope to make is in the lives of animals in need through the work we’ve done for the SPCA of Westchester. We’ve designed a brand new website for this exceptional no-kill shelter, which will serve to raise awareness in the local community and beyond, as well help raise essential funds to provide ongoing support to hundreds of animals in need. And we’re here to tell you how we made it happen.

Streamlining the Donation Process

It’s no secret that nonprofit organizations rely on the generosity and funding of their sponsors, and the SPCA of Westchester is no exception. But they faced a major roadblock that was preventing them from collecting crucial donations to support animals in need. Their donating function on the website was not intuitive, and would re-direct supporters to their PayPal accounts, causing confusion and leaving them uncertain as to whether their donation would ever be received.

Hudson Fusion addressed this challenge by setting up seamless pay integration, and adding a clear, user-friendly “Donate Now” button at the top of the homepage. Now supporters are able to donate funds at the click of a button directly on the site, without any confusion.

SPCA Assistant Director of Development Lisa Bonanno is thrilled about this new feature, hopeful that it will serve to increase these vital donations, the lifeblood of the organization, and streamline the fundraising process overall, commenting:

“From a fundraising perspective, having this new site which is so clean looking, modern and user-friendly will greatly benefit us donation-wise. Supporters call and email us every day asking questions about how to donate online, but because the original website layout was too busy…I’m sure we've lost donations because people have gotten frustrated and then went elsewhere…I wanted to thank you all for your patience and hard work redesigning our website. We couldn’t be happier! The fact that you did this pro bono is such an amazing gift to help our animals…From everyone at the shelter, including the animals, thank you!”

Creating a Better User Experience


The SPCA of Westchester is dedicated to saving homeless, abused, and abandoned animals, while protecting them from cruelty and neglect through education and enforcement of humane laws. But this important mission statement was lost in a cluttered website that bombarded visitors with an overabundance of information.

Hudson Fusion met this challenge by creating a clean and simple design for the new site. Above all, we wanted the SPCA’s message to be clear to its visitors, and we’ve achieved this by implementing a simple, easy-to-use navigation bar, and a homepage slider featuring pertinent information about upcoming local events for sponsors.

The end goal was to inform first-time visitors of exactly what the SPCA of Westchester is all about and how they can get involved and start helping out.  

The new site is also mobile-friendly, and its responsive design means that supporters and adoptees can easily access important adoption information on-the-go, even making donations directly from their phones.

Helping Get More Animals Into Loving Homes

At the end of the day, the SPCA’s ultimate goal is to get more animals into stable and loving homes, and we’ve helped kick-start that process into action by creating an all new “Featured Adoptable Pets” web app. Displayed prominently on the homepage, this new application provides adoptees with up-to-the-minute information about pets who are currently available for adoption.

The convenience of the app is a great benefit to the SPCA staff as well, as they can easily update the backend of the system with new pets as they become available, bringing more animals in need closer to healthier and happier homes everyday.

So as the newly-optimized website helps more and more animals receive the food, veterinary care, and protection they need through greater financial backing and more adoption opportunities, they will lead longer and happier lives. And that’s the greatest reward of all.

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