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increase-customer-engagement.jpgThe coming of spring always puts us in the mood to do a little sprucing, and this year, our website was the target. We've added a brand new Before & After Gallery, and we're eager to share it with you!  (Check it out! We'll wait here.) 

We're excited about our new addition, and with that in mind, today we're going to talk about why we took the plunge as well as the many ways that a Before & After gallery, or another interactive element, can add value to YOUR website. 

Everyone Loves a Makeover

As you flip through the channels on your television, chances are you'll stumble upon at least one makeover show— if not an entire channel devoted to makeovers. Whether it's a home makeover or a personal style upgrade, people are fascinated by the process of turning something or someone from drab to fab. (Admit it; you've probably lingered on a channel to see the final results of more than one makeover show, haven't you? It's mesmerizing!)

Capitalize on this interest by documenting your process and displaying the photos on your website. Visitors to your website will be interested to see what you've done, particularly if they can see what it looked like before you got your hands on it. The big reveal is all the more impressive when you can look back at what was there before! 

Interactive is In

You might have a wonderful website, full of useful information and fantastic facts, but if you're not offering an interactive feature, it's possible that you won't get the kind of click-throughs or conversions you deserve.  

People enjoy interactive content. Even the venerated New York Times website isn't immune to this phenomenon; in 2013, the site's most read story was actually a quiz.  A Before & After gallery gives users the fun factor they require to keep them interested in what you have to offer, even as it educates them about what you're capable of doing for them. Interactive features arrest readers' attention, which is becoming harder and harder to do. (It's now estimated that our attention span has sunk below that of a goldfish. Ouch.) 

Redesign Affects More Than Just Design

Of course, redesigining your website (in our case, adding the fancy Before & After Gallery) enhances the appearance of your site, and visual appeal is definitely a big part of getting (and keeping) visitors. However, there are other factors at play when you decide to revamp your look.

Changes from a Marketing Perspective — As marketing changes, it's good to update your website to reflect it. Great marketing is going to be constantly evolving to keep up with the new developments in technology and culture, and it's good to take a step back to assess how your site can best mirror the trends in a way that's organic as well as on-brand. 

Keeping Up with Tech Trends — A website redesign allows you to implement the most recent tech trends, cementing yourself as an industry leader. Making your website responsive, or readable on any device, is just the tip of the iceburg; now, marketers are contending with technology such as voice search or virtual reality.

Redesigning your site gives you the opportunity to implement cutting-edge tech that will enhance your relationship with your readers and continue to build your brand. 

Update Your Messaging — This is particularly appealing if you've been in business for awhile. Your website is often the first place your potential client "meets" you; does the messaging within accurately reflect your brand today, or is it stuck in a time warp, with the original messaging that worked for you when you first built it? 

We understand all too well how a redesign can result in updated messaging; just last year, we did an overhaul on our website, taking the opportunity to rework our messaging so that readers understand exactly who we are and what we do now, not what we did before. 

Keeping Information Current — Is there anything more embarassing than realizing that information that you've shared on your site is no longer up to date? (Answer: No.) With the internet, it's all too easy to do a quick fact check, and if a reader learns that you're not offering the most current data, they're not going to consider you a viable source. Comb through your pages, and double check your facts. If something's glaringly outdated, fix it! 

Optimization is Key — Have you included every potential conversion opportunity possible on your website? The answer is most likely no. Your redesign offers you the chance to go through and properly optimize your site, dropping well-placed calls to action as well as ensuring that your content is top-notch. 

We hope that you enjoy checking out our Before & After Gallery, and that you're inspired to implement a fun new redesign on your own website. Need some pointers for enhancing the power of your site? Get in touch for a free marketing consultation today!

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