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August 14, 2015

Cindy Penchina, President

making your about us page totally rad

While we’re on the subject of kinship, let’s take a second and talk about the “About Us” section of your website. If one of the best ways to create a bond between your brand and your customers is by making them feel like the sort of person who uses your product, you need to show them the kind of company you are – and the About Us page is the perfect time to do that. The customer is already on your website: they know what you’re offering and they are starting to size you up. When they click to the About Us section of your website, they're looking for ways to relate to you, and the worst thing you can do is dash their idea of the company you are by boring them to death. No one wants to associate with a boring company, so here are three tips to help make your About Us page as interesting as you are.

1. Vary your visuals

Yellow Leaf Hammocks is changing the world by offering skills and jobs to women in poverty-stricken countries around the world. On what could become a boring description of their process and philosophy, Yellow Leaf invites us to travel with them around the globe by not only using photos of their workers, but giving us graphics to illustrate the steps in the process and photos of the product. By stimulating users with photos of more than one facet of the company, Yellow Leaf is allowing us to get close to the people who make their hammocks.

2. Be bold and outrageous

OKCupid isn’t the most popular dating site around just because of its fun algorithm and personality test; it’s a company that places a high importance on design – and that shines through in the About Us section. Opening with a simple statement about what OKC does, the visual elements shift as you scroll through the page, keeping our attention and making us feel like we’re interacting with the site. The copy stays informal and sparse, allowing users to soak up the facts as we go on a colorful journey past pigs flying out of water guns and spilled beakers. The silly graphics do more than just entertain users, though, they say that the people on this site are funny and relatable - just like you.

3. Get Personal

The Nerdery is a production studio that introduces you to the entire staff immediately via tiny clickable thumbnail images and gives you a little information about them. With its serious color scheme, users stay focused on the fact that this site is full of engineers, but the engaging copy gives us detailed information about the philosophies of the company as well as the people involved. They aren’t just nerds; they’re nerds with a purpose.

Even though the About Us page seems like a staid throwback to the beginning of the internet, it’s a great place to get creative and show your potential customers the sort of place they’ll be working with after they pick up the phone and give you a call. If the rest of your website is about selling your services, the About Us page is where you have the opportunity to sell yourself and work on the bond between you and your potential customers. So be bold, be visual, and introduce your team with style and panache - your customers will love you for it.