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new-hubspot-product-updates-april-2018As a Certified Gold Agency Partner, we’ve got the inside scoop when it comes to HubSpot’s product updates. They perform regular maintenance on their CRM software, but last month, they really outdid themselves.

Take advantage of your HubSpot investment. Check out our favorite HubSpot updates here.

Instagram FTW: The Native Integration Has Arrived!

Social media is a necessary element of any effective marketing strategy—and now, you can do your #InstaMarketing more easily than ever. HubSpot users officially have the ability to link their Instagram directly to their CRM.

We’ve already had the ability to post social media through HubSpot’s Social tool. Until now, the platforms have been limited to Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Google+, YouTube, Blogging Platforms with RSS Feeds, Pinterest, and Xing (which, they also announced this month, they’re sunsetting on May 31). 

Why It’s Cool: When your social media strategy involves consistent messaging and reposting on your various platforms, the more the merrier! Instead of having to log in directly to Instagram to share your posts, you can click, duplicate, and schedule all from the same place.

Haven’t brought your brand on Instagram? When more than 200 million users visit at least one business profile daily, you probably should. 

Easily Measure Content Pillar Progress: The New Content Strategy Progress Bar 

Developing content pillars is a super effective SEO tactic when you’re trying to rank for specific topics. Here at Hudson Fusion, we create content pillars around our marketing services.


Building and tracking the progress of your content pillar is easier than ever with HubSpot’s new Content Strategy Progress Bar. As you can see, our “Content Marketing” content pillar is 100% complete (humble brag).

Why it’s Cool: Content pillars allow you to organize your content in a way that makes finding it, cataloging it, and ranking it easier. You can ensure that you have an ideal number of inbound/outbound links, reference points, and keywords incorporated to amp up your SEO strategy, bringing you qualified traffic and potential new customers.

Regain Control Over Social: Featured Images for Web Pages & Landing Pages

Have you ever published a Landing Page with a seemingly obvious featured image but your CRM won’t pick it up for a social media post? A lot of HubSpot users have suffered from the “unintentional poor quality featured image” issue when sharing on their platforms.

Not anymore! Similar to the existing “Featured Image” field on blog posts, you can now designate specific images that will automatically show up in the preview if you’re sharing web pages or landing pages on social media. 

Why it’s Cool: Have you ever seen someone share a link with an unintended featured image? We have—in fact, we've done it—and it’s not a good look.

Having control over how your pages present on social media is critical to engagement—especially when images drive interactions. Tweets with images are 150% more likely to be retweeted, LinkedIn posts receive 200% more engagement, and Facebook posts see 2.3 times more engagement than those without images.  

So THAT’S Why It Failed: Insight into “Not Sent” Mail

All HubSpot Sales Professional users can now see immediately why contacts were dropped from receiving an email. 

Previously in HubSpot, if a contact failed to receive an email, you’d see one of these. For each individual contact, you’d have to click through to “Details” to see why exactly the contact was dropped:

old_hubspot_contact_bounceSource: HubSpot 

Now, drumroll please...you get one of these:

new_hubspot_contact_bounceSource: HubSpot

Why it’s Cool: We all know how vital email campaigns are to an effective marketing strategy (every $1 spent on email marketing produces $44 in return—can’t really argue with those numbers).

When it comes to targeting potential customers, it’s important to know whether they opted out, have experienced low engagement, or god forbid, marked you as spam. This will allow you to adjust your email marketing strategy appropriately to nurture leads more effectively. 

Comprehensive Content: Combination Report Visualization in Sources & Pages

For the first time, you can compare metrics within the page performance report on HubSpot. The “Combination” style reports are available for ALL pages—that means Blogs, Web Pages, and Landing Pages all have easy data comparisons.

combination_report_hubspot_1The traffic report section allows you to compare Page Views, Entrances, Exits, CTA Views, and CTA Clicks with Average Time on Page, Bounce Rate, Exit Rate, and CTA %.

Why it’s Cool: Instead of having to export entire spreadsheets to compare page performance, you can get your traffic analytics quickly and easily by viewing multiple metrics simultaneously. 

This unleashes some really interesting data patterns for your strategy analytics. Take this Blog report for Hudson Fusion: 

combination_report_hubspot_2On April 5, we saw a drastic spike in average time on page with lower traffic than usual. That means we likely brought in an audience highly interested in a specific blog—aka our Content team is doing something right!

Forget Me Nots: Log/Track Email Settings in the Gmail & VSTO Extensions

Is anyone else completely obsessed with marketing automation? We are. Less manual logging and tracking means quicker work, specific segmentation, and effective nurturing techniques. 

With HubSpot’s latest update to the HubSpot Gmail and VSTO extensions, you can customize and control your logging and tracking settings.

Sending a quick follow-up email with a potential client after a call? With the new extension settings, you can rest assured that their HubSpot contact record will show your sent emails.

Not only can you log/track emails more easily with the extension, but you can also choose to never track certain contacts. If you’re sending a hilarious meme to your coworker (sorry guys), maybe you don’t want the entire team to see it logged in their HubSpot contact record. 

Why it’s Cool: If you’re one of those people who forgets to align your HubSpot contact records with your individual email sends, this new feature will be a lifesaver. The next time you go to follow-up with a potential lead, instead of having to dig through your outbox to see the last time you reached out (or get constant updates from a client on people they’ve followed up with directly), you can be sure that your HubSpot contact record is up-to-date for your entire sales team to see. 

If you choose to track a specific email, you’ll get a pop-up notification on your desktop as soon as they open it. If you’re a Sales Starter or Professional user, you’ll receive a notification if they’ve clicked a link in an email as well. (Just remember to click the “Log” or “Track” checkbox in your email before sending!)

I Can See Clearly Now: Retina Support for CTAs

It’s been nearly a decade since we were introduced to the screen resolution that Steve Jobs accurately predicted would “set the standard for displays for years to come.” Retina display revolutionized the way that we interact with technology—particularly how we measure page credibility and engage with content.

That being said, when it comes to increasing conversions, you better hope your CTAs are optimized—and now, it’s easier than ever. Instead of having to manually optimize all of your CTA resolutions for retina display, HubSpot implemented a way to automatically adjust for the high PPI (pixels per inch). All you need to do is upload an image that’s twice the size of the CTA to serve the retina version.

For example, if your CTA is 200 x 400 pixels, make sure the image you upload is 400 x 800 pixels and you’ll be in the clear (unapologetic pun). 

Why it’s Cool: Retina displays are all the rage, with a growing range of iProducts featuring increasingly high-quality resolution. With HubSpot’s automatic optimization support system, the difference is clear (second unapologetic pun): 

retina_support_hubspotSource: HubSpot

As one of the most comprehensive CRM systems on the market today, HubSpot is a massive asset for business owners and marketing agencies. Their ongoing software updates prove that they listen to their audience, understand their pain points, and address them as quickly as possible. 

Wondering how you can follow in HubSpot’s footsteps with your own services? 

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