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November 26, 2013

Cindy Penchina, President

Seasonal marketing opportunities to grow your business year-round…

I’ll never forget going to the store on December 27th last year and being shocked to see all the Christmas aisles replaced by giant pink hearts…

It seemed like the second the clock struck midnight on the 25th, Cupid sent Santa packing.

(I’m all for the holiday spirit, but really… Valentine’s Day in December!?)


We all know that the holidays are BIG business for marketers and businesses big and small hop on the “seasonal” bandwagon, emailing their subscribers about Christmas sales and Thanksgiving offers.

The mistake people make (and this is something I talk about often with my private clients) is thinking that seasonal marketing is just about capitalizing on a particular holiday. And, sure, that’s part of it…

But it’s not all sleigh bells and Turkey Day.

In fact, I’m always frustrated by how many people are missing key opportunities to reach their audience with seasonal messages year-round.

Think about it –

You’re always looking for a good reason to contact your audience, so why not make the most of the year-round events that actually interest your prospects and customers?

Here’s 5 seasonal events (OTHER than major holidays) you can tap into to make sure you don’t miss another opportunity to engage your database:

1. Seasons

Okay I kinda gave this one away already – but use seasons like spring, summer or fall to contact your database about promotions or updates. For instance, you could send an email saying that you’ve been spring-cleaning your services and then remind your prospects of what it is you offer. This also works for products, supplies, software, you name it.

The big benefit here is that your marketing isn’t tied to one specific date and can actually run for longer (which can be really helpful during quiet business periods!)

2. Industry-Specific Times

Don’t just think about the “public” seasonal events – think about the events that matter most to businesses. For example, if you’re in the nutrition or weight-loss industry then January is prime time to kick-start your seasonal marketing efforts. If you’re trying to reach moms then consider “back-to-school” season. And for the youth market consider spring break season.

3. National and Global Events

Whenever anyone thinks of seasonal marketing for sports, they think Superbowl. But, there are other great national and global events like the Olympics, NBA playoffs and Stanley Cup playoffs (to name just a few) that lend themselves to a conversation with your audience

4. Industry Events

Big industry events are a surefire way to connect with clients or prospects in specific businesses. Consider contacting your prospects ahead of such events with tips and reminders like “get your business cards redesigned or reprinted before the event” or “networking for success” tips.

5. Awareness Events

Speaking to you audience about the awareness events relevant to them is a good way to show the “human” side of your brand and separate yourself from the corporate greed associated with many marketers.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October resonates with so many people (perhaps yourself included) and is a good time for you explain that a portion of your proceeds will go to charity (if they actually will!) National Family Month in May and June is a great time to reach Moms, while Entrepreneurship Month in November is ideal for connecting with Businesses.


You don’t always need to offer discounts in your seasonal marketing efforts.

Sometimes the wacky and fun seasonal awareness events like National Simplify-Your-Life Week in August or Write-a-Friend Month in December offer you a great excuse to touch base with your audience.

Leave a comment and let me know what you think.

PS. If you need some help with your marketing then get in touch for a free consultation – we’ll make sure you never miss another opportunity to reach your ideal prospects. Arrange your consultation here. 

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