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marketing-technology-martechContent marketing, website development, social media management, SEO, and more... we're able to do it all at an agency because we invest in skilled people, and the technology that makes marketing efforts materialize.

Marketing technology (known as Martech if you want to sound cool) allows marketers to manage multiple campaigns in multiple channels for all of their clients, and makes the marketing magic happen even as it continues to develop.

There's a lot that goes into putting together and managing a website, customers, and accounts— Martech is the superhero of digital marketing that makes everything so much better.

If you're looking for a full-service agency that can optimize your digital marketing strategy and your presence online, (which is definitely necessary), look for the following must-have Martech capabilities.

Automation and CRM

When it comes to email marketing, lead capture, lead conversion, and contact list management, a good agency will employ one or more options for their clients so that those essential processes are automated, sending emails and collecting data at exactly the right time.

HubSpot, Marketo, and Salesforce are popular Martech options, and many of them have integrated solutions that take care of a lot of what is needed for a complete strategy. An agency will tell you the difference between the software available, and if it's right for the size and scope of your business and your marketing objectives. 

Social Media

Social media and Martech are forever connected. Most platforms have integrated analytics, reporting, and scheduled posting capabilities. The thing is, many of us are present on multiple platforms.

Martech software for social like Hootsuite and Sprout, and integrated platforms like HubSpot, will allow you to schedule content on many platforms, employ social listening, track metrics, and prove ROI, all in one place.

Martech also allows you take social media to the next level, by combining it with capabilities like chatbots, customer service, identifying influencers, and connecting with your audience, without taking up every ounce of time and effort you have to allocate in your marketing budget. (Did someone say AI?)



Google Analytics, Search Console, and Adwords are powerful, data-packed tools that give you reporting capabilities on everything from website traffic to SEO optimization. 

Ask about an agency's reporting processes: Do they use Databox? Reporting Templates from Google or HubSpot? They should have some sort of automated process for pulling the data that is available from automated software and they should use it to inform their strategies.

Content Marketing

You know we're obsessed with content pillars, and platforms like HubSpot allow us to organize the topics we write about, give us stats about popular topics, and suggest topics that convert.

Many platforms now offer content management systems within their systems, including WordPress integration, publishing tools, and more.

Other technology that works is SEMrush, for keyword and competitor research which helps to inform campaigns and strategy.


From technical SEO, to keywords and content optimization, SEMrush is a leading favorite. It helps marketers identify places for improvement, from load time and watching out for duplicate content, to search engine crawl ease and tracking ROI.

They also offer SEO analytics, backlink tracking, Google product integration, as well as competitor SEO snooping capabilities. (We love that part.)

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Strategic Web Design

Don't forget that your website is THE most important marketing tool, and can be used to feature all the other strategies you employ online to attract and capture customers.

That's why Martech for website development, from the technical side to implementing forms and CTA's and design that makes your website marketing-worthy, is absolutely essential. There are so many elements that go into the decisions marketers make when designing a site, and Martech helps us make them all great.

Okay, we've said this before, but marketing agencies are all about delivering complete solutions, not just stuff. By partnering with an agency, though, you get all the stuff, you get all the technology you need, and it's all focused around a targeted marketing strategy, your business goals, and helping you grow.

That's the difference between using one of the tools above in isolation, and putting it together to get incredible (actually, measurable) results.

Want to use awesome Martech AND integrate it to optimize lead generation and sales?

Get you an agency that does both. 

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