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Inspirational speaker

What an exciting couple of days we've had at the Inbound Conference! The morning keynotes really revved our engines and got our creative juices flowing, and the following sessions gave us a whole new perspective on inbound marketing. It was so invigorating to be surrounded by people in all stages of their marketing journey, excited by the opportunity to network and share ideas. The Hudson Fusion team was so grateful to have had this opportunity, and we have been inspired to put the ideas we've learned into action. During the course of our time at Inbound, we attended many eye-opening sessions that have delighted, excited, and inspired us. There was no shortage of motivational speakers, and we always left with an abundance of ideas to try. We'd like to share nine of the most inspirational quotes we’ve taken from our time at Inbound. We hope you find them as inspiring as we did!

1) “I’m not exactly sure what the question is, but the answer is yes.”

-Leonard Bernstein

Say yes


2) “If there’s traffic, go around.”

-Seth Godin

Go around the traffic


3) “If you are brave enough, often enough, you will fail.”

-Brene Brown

Be brave


4) "If you want to change people’s behavior, you better speak to their emotion.”

-Brene Brown

Speak to their emotion


5) “Willingness to be uncomfortable is the best predictor of how your life will be.”

-Brene Brown

Willingness to be uncomfortable


6) “Success is the continual pursuit of a worthwhile goal.”

-Dan Miller



7) “Market unto others as you would have them market unto you.”

-Dharmesh Shah

Marketing fairly


8) “While others make noise, quietly create value. While they fight for attention, just follow your heart.”

-Dharmesh Shah

Quietly create value


9) "Marketing without data is like driving with your eyes closed.”

-Dan Zarella

Our time at Inbound has been really powerful, and we look forward to incorporating these quotes into everything we do here at Hudson Fusion.

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