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The Secret Behind Writing a Great About Page

Your About page is feeling a little neglected, and while it might not seem like a priority for you right now, you'd be surprised to know how often it's visited by people who want to learn more about your business. Website visitors will likely have questions about your organization, and your About page should serve to educate any of these prospective customers who might be on the fence about working with you.

Let's explore the different factors that go into writing an effective About page that will draw people in and transform your prospects into customers. 

Brainstorm Session

Before you start, sit down with your team and talk about what makes your company special. What are your shared values? Your stances on issues or causes that bring you all together? What makes you different from other  businesses in your industry?

Remember, people hire people. If someone feels a shared connection with you, they're more likely to pick you for the job. Brainstorming about your team's strengths and the differences that set you apart from everyone else will make it that much easier to create an outstanding About page. 

Customers Come First

Your customers are visiting your website seeking solutions to their problems. If you can address their pain points, you're going to be a more appealing option than your competitors.  So it's important that you lay out what you can do for potential customers by directly addressing their needs. Keeping your audience interested is key, and talking about them is one foolproof way to do this. 

Tell a Good Story

The internet has dramatically affected our collective attention span, and it's becoming harder and harder to attract and maintain the attention of your website visitors. How can you keep a potential customer's focus long enough to win their business? 

Perhaps you should consider using your About page to tell the story of your company.  Since time began, people have loved to listen to a good yarn. From cave men exchanging grunts to modern audiobooks, storytelling has withstood the test of time, capturing attention and winning over hearts and minds.  And if you can turn your company's history into a compelling story, you've got your potential customers' attention.

Ditch the Jargon

It might be tempting to sprinkle your About page with acronyms and industry-speak to make yourself sound more competent, but resist the temptation. Remember, the goal is to attract customers, not alienate them.

Instead, keep your content easily accessible to all of your personas by using simple, conversational language. If you're struggling to understand how to approach your personas, perhaps you should read about directing content toward your company's chosen personas

Take a Test Drive

When you're confident in your About page, show it to someone outside of your team to see if they can explain what your company does. If they're unable to, go back to the drawing board. Remember, making the page flashy and flowery isn't the goal; if it's not conveying the basic information it's meant to share, it's of no use.

If you're feeling stuck, take a look at some really incredible examples of About pages to draw some inspiration. 

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