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Everything you thought you knew about blogging is a lie. I hate to break it to you, but it's true.

Okay, maybe not everything, but there are countless misunderstandings around what exactly constitutes an effective content marketing strategy. That's why we wanted to focus on some of the common misconceptions business owners and industry leaders have about blogging—to reveal the truth.

We hosted our latest Lower Hudson Valley HubSpot User Group (HUG) event earlier this week, aptly titled "Everything You Thought You Knew About Blogging is a Lie." It didn't seem fair to keep all of the truths a secret, so we decided to share some of the highlights. 

What is Blogging?


What is Blogging

As a Content Manager at Hudson Fusion, blogging is a huge aspect of my day-to-day duties. It's my responsibility to come up with virtually every written word associated with a client's brand, and as 52% of marketers know, blogging is the most critical content marketing tactic in our tool belts.

So, what exactly is blogging? A lot of people think they know the answer, and they likely have it 99% correct, but there's a really important aspect of blogging that business owners and industry leaders often overlook: blogs should be informal or conversational in tone.

It's important to capture your personality as both an individual and a brand to create both valuable and engaging content for your readers.

The Importance of CTAs



We broke down the indispensable elements of a perfect blog post from the headline to the CTA using an example from a recent blogging workshop we conducted.

So, when we're not doing HUG events, we do workshops for businesses that are interested in honing in on a specific marketing skillset. We provide tools, resources, and training materials through an expert-led workshop—and most recently, we conducted a blogging workshop for Greenburgh Public Library.

As most librarians are, they're a pretty smart bunch! They were intuitively using CTAs in their blogs, but as we shared with the attendees that morning, HubSpot has a way to do it better.

Live Feedback on Content Submitted by Attendees


Live Feedback on Blogs-1

We asked HUG attendees to submit a blog they were currently working on and wanted advice on, or those they had already published but weren't performing as well as they should. We picked through the submissions until we found those that best represented those common misconceptions around blogging, then workshopped them LIVE during the event.

I know what you're thinking. You're just giving expert marketing advice away for free like that? Oh yes we are—and we're planning on doing it again for our next event. (Hint: If you're looking for advice on how to improve your website, I'd keep an eye out on the LHVHUG Facebook page for updates.)

I want to share an interesting pattern we noticed when we were going through the submitted content. Roughly 99% of the blogs were sent in with the following comment: I thought this would be a great post, but for some reason, it isn't performing.

Here's the thing: When it comes to developing and distributing great content, there are countless elements involved. That's why it's so important to start by creating a content marketing strategy.

Without a solid strategy, your blogging efforts won't ultimately pay off. Position your content for success from the start by downloading "How to Create a Content Marketing Strategy That Pays."


Whether or not you made it to our last Lower Hudson Valley HubSpot User Group event, you can register for the next one! Our next event is right around the corner on December 11, 2018, titled "We Hate to Break It to You, But...Your Website Sucks."

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