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Hudson Fusion: How and Why We Redesigned Our Website

The new Hudson Fusion site is totally re-designed and responsive. We wanted the design and messaging to market properly to our our target audience and do so in the most effective way.

Why We Redesigned the Site

-Veronica Taylor, Creative Services Director

When we sat down to map out the new Hudson Fusion website, I knew right away that I wanted an attractive, polished design that was unique to our brand. It was evident that we needed to differentiate ourselves from the second a visitor landed on our site.  We avoided a “templatey” looking design and made sure to be transparent about who we are, what we do, and why we do it that way - 
We wanted to take the guessing element out of the equation for our site visitors. It was also important to us that we displayed our experience, longevity, award winning designs, and holistic approach on the new site – we wanted people to know that we aren’t your typical Web Design agency. We don’t just “make things pretty”, our clients get way more than just a website. 

As the Creative Services Director, I needed to ensure that each section of the new site showcased the various things we can do for our clients, not just visually but verbally as well.  Our client relationships are consultative and encompass everything that helps them grow their businesses online. This is why I wanted to add the personal touch and present our team leaders on the homepage, so clients and potential clients will know who they are interfacing with from the beginning. 

How We Redesigned the Site

-Pat McNamara, Senior Front-End Developer

When bringing Veronica’s design to life, we focused on 4 main features: Responsiveness, Usability, HTML5 standards and speed.

For the responsive aspect of the design, we researched and tested the best css frameworks out there. After much deliberation, we went with Foundation 5, which we found to work best on all browsers and devices and allowed us to build a scalable and responsive website relatively easily. While frameworks allow for quicker development, we were still left with a ton of work to do to make everything look and work perfectly on all devices, as well as to pass HTML validation.

Now that the site had a solid Foundation, we had to make sure it was search engine friendly, developer friendly and HTML valid code. To accomplish this we used the newer, more semantic HTML5 markup language. When HTML is semantic, it means it is more easily understood by both search engines and developers. For instance, what makes more sense to you: [div] or [article]? Article is definitely more descriptive of what it might contain. Ok, so now the code makes sense…that brings us to usability. For mobile devices, there were a few key usability features added. The first one is the mobile menu. The menu is an off-canvas Facebook inspired menu that allows for subnavigation. We found that to be key when navigating our site. Another feature added for mobile users is touch events. This can primarily be seen in our portfolio, where users can now easily swipe through the images.

Since web site speed affects search ranking, bounce rate and conversion, it is one of the most important factors of having a successful website. Our goal for wired internet users was to load pages in under a second, 2 seconds for mobile internet users. We reached that goal…in fact we surpassed it. By loading above the fold content first, optimizing images and consolidating scripts and resources where possible, our new site now loads in a flash!

The New Hudson Fusion Website

Hudson Fusion is a forward thinking boutique agency. We are friendly and tight-knit – and our portfolio speaks for itself.  After hours of strategy and development, we are proud to reveal to you the new http://www.hudsonfusion.com
I Want to See the New HuFu Website!