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We're currently living in truly chaotic, occasionally surreal, wholly unprecedented times. The impact the COVID-19 pandemic has had on businesses of every size, in every industry has been felt far and wide by business owners, team members, and clients alike.

Still, there's a light at the end of the tunnel—and here at Hudson Fusion, we're watching it grow brighter every single day.

Changes call for innovation,
and innovation leads to progress.
Li Keqiang

You don't need us to tell you that this pandemic has been next-level disruptive. (Honestly, that would be putting it lightly.) The limitations put in place by stay-at-home orders, social distancing, and non-essential business holds are forcing all of us to pivot direction. We need to find new, innovative ways to keep our businesses flourishing.

But as they say, necessity is the mother of invention. 

We've watched our agency, our colleagues, and our clients come up with incredibly innovative ways to navigate this new way of life and business. Here are a few creative ways our clients are adjusting to COVID-19:

Out-of-the-Box Customer Delight & Communications

We have a client in the surrogacy and Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) space. They know that now, more than ever, they need to assure their clients that they're here for them no matter what.

We gathered for a brainstorming session with a singular focal point: How could we help both their surrogates and Intended Parents feel secure, connected and cared for?

That's when we came up with a weekly virtual Q&A session for each of their client groups. By essentially opening the floor up to their customers, they showed that they're not only maintaining direct lines of communication (albeit virtually) but also that any questions they may have will be answered honestly and openly. 

"Take a Break—Keep it Positive" Social Campaign

When it comes to marketing in the healthcare industry, there are a lot of seemingly contradicting points to consider when we talk about brand positioning—especially for our client in the surrogacy/ART space. You need to assure them that you'll provide highly specialized clinical expertise, but at the same time, you need to make them feel comforted, cared for, and part of a community.

That's when we came up with #FeelGoodFridays for their social platforms. While the expert-led webinars and Q&As provide comfort by showcasing expertise and addressing the hard questions, #FeelGoodFridays allow us to provide comfort by showing personality, compassion, and positivity.

Highlighting USPs That Matter During the Pandemic

One of our software clients develops ERP solutions for distributors—and given the turbulence we're all experiencing in the global supply chain, their platform is more important than ever.

The highest quality ERP software is dynamic, and for this client, their biggest differentiators have always been the following:

  • Their software is incredibly dynamic. They pride themselves on coming up with individual solutions for their clients based on their one-of-a-kind operations. They'll happily go above and beyond to come up with custom add-ons, integrations, and functionality to help distributors better manage their business.
  • Their software is specifically designed for the distribution industry. The fact that their platform has been built to cater to an ever-evolving industry gives them a major leg up during this pandemic. They had already built in a number of specific tools that would help distributors pivot their operations: remote working/telecommuting tools, supply chain tools, electronic accounting tools, and more.

We've completely redirected their marketing messaging to showcase the differentiators that will help distributors navigate COVID-19. It's important to note that as marketers, we aren't trying to capitalize on the impact of this pandemic—we're simply positioning those USPs that mean the most to distributors given the current climate.

Developing New, Quick-Thinking Services

We're lucky enough to work with a number of intelligent, innovative software companies that have proved to be all that and more during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We work with another ERP developer, though this client operates in a very different industry. Their software suite is designed specifically for private clubs: country clubs, golf clubs, yacht clubs, etc....and right now, their clients are suffering.

That's when their quick-thinking team came up with an innovative new solution. They realized that by adjusting their current e-Commerce tools, they'd be able to develop an online take-out ordering system they could offer for their clients right from their websites.

The new take-out ordering system proved to be a huge success. From a marketing perspective, they were able to show their current customers that they were truly invested in their success by giving them the means to continue bringing in cashflow despite the national stay-at-home orders currently in place. Additionally, they were able to show potential customers that they're a dynamic, quick-on-their-feet business that provides top-of-the-line customer care.


The world is changing very fast.
Big will not beat small anymore.
It will be the fast beating the slow
Rupert Murdoch

Innovation is more important than ever before. Our clients are evolving, adjusting the way they operate, the products they create, and the services they provide. Our team is evolving, adjusting the way we work, the strategies we create, and the marketing tactics we employ.

This may be a scary new world for SMBs, but we're all in this together—and together, we're going to make it through.

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