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Best-Email-Marketing-thats-not-the-worst-1It might seem counterintuitive that inbound marketing includes email strategy. We're used to a constant stream of unwanted marketing emails and outdated email workflows that clog up our inboxes.

No one wants to be the company that sends the annoying emails!

As you already know from your personal inbox, not all efforts are created equal. But when it comes to creating a complete strategy, email is a great way to keep in touch with your contacts in every stage of the Buyer's Journey.

We use email to support other elements of a complete marketing strategy, like content efforts. 

So where should a business start when trying to create emails that contacts are delighted to read?

To avoid annoying valuable contacts and elevate your reputation, take a few of our best email tips to heart and make your marketing emails ✨the best✨in their inbox.

Best Practice Email Marketing Tips


1. Don't Be Spammy

Very rarely do we recommend sending emails every day. That's a fast and easy way to lose subscribers and contacts. (Believe it or not, 69% of users unsubscribe due to "too many emails.")

The frequency of your emails is specific to your offer and content. Determine email number and frequency early on in campaign planning. Leave space for your contacts to breathe, and only send reminders once a reasonable person would want a reminder.

In a series of emails, each email should only cover one topic and have one goal, unless the email is a newsletter or roundup. Marketing tools like HubSpot have incredible features that make scheduling emails, managing lists, and organizing workflows easy.

2. Know Your Audience

Know your contacts: Make sure your contact lists are segmented by buyer persona, region, industry, or anything else that makes sense for the information you want to share. Make sure that the information you share is specifically targeted to interest a certain audience.

There's nothing more irritating to a contact than receiving information that does not pertain to them due to the individual cases. Prevent that from happening by creating email campaigns around what your audience wants and what makes them unique.

3. Get to the Point

Create a series of emails that offers valuable information bit by bit. There's no need to go on and on to introduce your topic. Use concise, engaging language to hook your reader, from the subject line to the copy. Use design to indicate the most important and compelling elements of your email. These will usually be images that show value, or CTAs that will get the reader what they want.

Vimeo identified a problem that many video creators have: managing massive video files. Using a demonstrative GIF in the header image and straight-to-the-point messaging, they created an appealing offer that makes value clear right away.


4. Offer Value

This goes back to knowing your audience (check out point #2). Use email to remind your contacts that you have something they want—whether it's information, tips, exclusive access, or deals on products. If you're unsure if your email offers value, you may need to rethink the goal of your email campaign and reposition it to offer real value to your contacts. Although it's good to stay in touch to stay top of mind, you should have a good reason for getting in touch with your contacts.

Atrium created an informative, helpful webinar  (a piece of content), and used email to let targeted contacts in on the professional expertise they have to offer:


5. Get Expert Help

Get writers to write copy, designers to add engaging elements, and developers to customize your email format to reflect your brand and offer a seamless experience. Responsive emails matter. Test emails to make sure they are responsive and that they work in most email browsers. Incorporate design to make sure that every email is clean, clear, and pleasing to the eye.

After all, many readers only glance at their emails to see if there's something that interests them—and the average email open rate in North America is only 34.1%. Make your email .

Hit all the points above, and you should have the confidence to create marketing emails that your readers look forward to reading. You may even gain loyal subscribers and gain more trust from leads.

If you want to drastically improve the results you get from email marketing, head over to the registration page for our next Lower Hudson Valley HubSpot User Group event: "We Know Why No One Is Getting Your Emails: Email Marketing for Better Results."

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